Tupari Vineyard, Awatere Valley

Tupari Wines is an artisan producer of fine wine from the Awatere Valley, Marlborough in the South Island of New Zealand. We combine family passion and winemaking expertise to craft a handful of exquisite wines.

Sauvignon Blanc  -  Pinot Gris  -  Dry Riesling  -  Pinot Noir

"Sometime we just need reminding that there are some great things in life and a world class New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc like Tupari ... is one of them. This is a must-try wine."  Sue Courtney, Wine Writer.


About Tupari

Tupari takes its name from the dramatic cliffs forming the Upper Awatere Valley where the Turnbull family and pioneering winemaker Glenn Thomas have collaborated to create wines of distinction. The Turnbull family vineyard is situated on north-facing river flats overlooking the braided Awatere River. Here, Heath and David Turnbull work the terroir of the valley's unique terraces to harness the special characteristics of the land. Their carefully nurtured grapes allow renowned winemaker Glenn Thomas to create sophisticated, elegant wines displaying arresting flavour intensity and finely honed structure and balance.

Tupari Profile

In 1988 two families moved to the Awatere Valley, now one of the world's great wine regions. Heather and David Turnbull purchased farmland in the upper reaches of the valley, realising David's dream of returning to the land. Glenn was attracted to the district to become the Awatere's founding winemaker, producing the valley's first sauvignon blanc. 

The families met when Glenn and partner Sharon leased the Turnbull's farm cottage. It only took a few bottles of wine for Glenn to convince the Turnbull's that their river terraces were perfectly positioned and in 2002 Tupari vineyard was planted with sauvignon blanc, then pinot noir, pinot gris and riesling.

Now a new chapter has opened with the return of the younger Turnbull generation. Daughter Olivia is responsible for Tupari sales, while her husband Tahi Doonan manages the family's deer and cattle farm. Son Heath, an engineer specialising in sustainable design with specific experience in wineries, manages the family vineyards with his father. His wife Eliza is responsible for Tupari marketing and communications.



Tahi Doonan, Olivia Turnbull Doonan, David Turnbull, Heather Turnbull, Aiden Thomas, Sharon Inwood, Glenn Thomas, Eliza Turnbull, Heath Turnbull and beloved dog - 'Jock' McGregor Turnbull

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